Please answer the following questions regarding your experience at Tenafly High School.  The answers will be used in the writing of articles for the editorial section of the alumni directory.  Feel free to leave some answers blank!

1.  Year you graduated from THS:

2.  Your name (optional):

3.  Favorite class/ activity/ club, and why:

4.  Teacher (or coach, advisor, other faculty member) who had the most impact on you, and why:

5.  Most valuable thing(s) you learned in high school (academic or otherwise):

6.  What you most appreciate about having attended THS:

7.  How would you describe your graduating class?

8.  What were the interests, concerns or passions of THS students in your day?

9.  What marked/defined your time at Tenafly High School?

10.  What memorable events do you remember from your time at Tenafly High School?  Please describe.

11.  We would like to recognize THS graduates who have gone on to important achievements in different areas following their graduation from THS.  We hope to create an Alumni Hall of Fame to recognize such achievement?  Please tell us of anyone you think should be recognized for achievement in his/her respective field, and why?

12.  Did you have a job while you were in high school?
if yes, where did you work and/or what did you do?


13.  How did you spend your free time?

14.  Where did you “hang out” after school?

15.  What was your favorite place to spend time (including to shop or to eat) in downtown Tenafly? 

16.  How did you get to school? (check all that apply)





Drive (by whom: brother/sister, parent, you drive?)


17.  What advice do you have for THS students today?

Any other information or thoughts you’d like to share with us?

May we contact you if we’d like to ask you for more information related to your responses?

If so, best way to contact you: 

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey!!!