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Service project – Translation of Story cards for Haitian children
June, July, August 2011

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Project explanation
How to sign up for a story card
How to upload your finished translation

Click on the image above to discover the Tenafly in Haiti wiki.  This is a wiki through which Tenafly students can share with students in Haiti, particularly through stories.  This project recognizes "the healing power of storytelling" (Edwidge Danticat) and the idea that "stories can connect us to the world" (Galit Sacajiu).

Right now (Spring-Summer 2011), students of French 3H, 4, 4H, 5H, and AP are asked to use this wiki to contribute translations (from English to French) of the story cards. 

One of the goals of this exchange between Tenafly and Haiti -- of storytelling and the important work of translation -- is to widen these children's view of the world -- to activate their imaginations for a brighter world and future in comparison to that which they have seen and which they still see.   The principals at the school are very happy that the Haitian students can learn about our lives here, even if those lives are quite exceptional and/or fortunate.


How can you be a part of this service project?  How to sign up for a story card:

1.  Visit the main page of the wiki (you will have to request access the first time you click on the link):  https://tenaflyinhaiti.pbworks.com/w/page/39896088/Home

2.  Scroll down to where it says “FOR TRANSLATORS” and click on one of the links provided:


Not-yet-translated cards

Partly translated cards

3.  Choose a story to work on and sign up for it by typing your name in the table.  You will need to edit the page to do this.  You can edit the page by clicking the "edit" tab at top.  After you have typed your name on the chart, scroll down and press save at the bottom of the page.  Feel free to sign up for more than one story card!

4.  Click on the file of the story card you have signed up for and you will be prompted to save the file to your computer.   Please save the file so that you may work on the translation from English to French for the time it takes to complete the translation.

5.  Translate each paragraph into French.  Put the translated paragraph (in French) in italics.  Type each translated paragraph in italics immediately after the original paragraph in English.  The original paragraph and the translated paragraph may be separated by one blank space.

6.  When you have finished, save the Word document on your computer.  Then, follow the instructions on the wiki for how to upload your finished translated Word document and how to place it in the table next to where you signed up for the story card.  Instructions on how to upload are also located at the bottom of this page.

7.  The story card’s translation is NOT to be translated using googletranslate or any other online translator.  Any student who submits a story card translated in this way will be subject to the consequences outlined in Tenafly’s academic integrity code.  Translation by online translators is plagiarism. 

Uploading your finished story card to the wiki

1.  Go to the Tenafly in Haiti wiki: https://tenaflyinhaiti.pbworks.com/w/page/39896088/Home and click on the page that has your original story card.  The two options are:




2.  Click on the “Edit” Tab to begin editing the page.


3.  Then, look on the menu on the right and click on “Images and files”


4.  Then, click on “upload files”


5.  Your computer will automatically open a window asking you to browse to the file you’d like to upload.  Browse to the file and then click “open”.


6.  Once file is uploaded, you will see it in the menu bar on the right.  Put your cursor in the “Translated Word Document” column of the wikipage and then click on the file listed at right, under "images and files."  This will place the file in the table.


7.  Now that you are done editing the page, scroll to the bottom and click on “Save”.

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