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Overview -- War and Literature:  Self, Others and the World

Building upon the work of the first semester, students continue to strengthen their skills as readers, writers, thinkers, researchers, speakers and listeners as they "build bridges" to college and to the ever-changing 21st century global society. 

This semester, students will read works of literature which focus on the subject of war.  Across genres and time periods, students will engage with literature by asking questions and finding meaning.  Many of these questions will relate to war; others will relate to life and literature more generally.  In this way, students will deepen their abilities to read literature and to find relevance in what they read.  Students will participate in a variety of full-group, small-group and independent projects that offer them opportunities for choice and engagement.

Students will also build upon their first-semester study of Psychology and Literature, as they apply psychological lenses to the war literature they read.  Additionally, students will continue to apply concepts of "Self, Others and the World" to the literature they read and to literacy projects in which they engage.

Unit I:  Developing Lenses for Reading War Literature:  We begin the semester by developing lenses for reading war literature.  We reflect upon, and share, our own associations with war.  We share perspectives and questions.  We consider the lines of inquiry we might thread through our reading of war literature.   (sample inquiry questions)

Unit II:  Shared Reading of War Fiction

Unit III:  Exploring Digital Literacies and Other 21st Century Skills

Unit IV:  Small-Group Reading of War Novels (also see "Current Work" page)

Unit V:  The Literature of Specific Wars:  in Poetry and Short Story

Unit VI:  Action Projects (Using Digital Literacies and Other 21st Century Skills)

Some Guiding Questions (Framework for Transferring Learning)

bulletWhat does war literature help us understand about the self, others, and the world?
bulletWhat does war literature help us understand about the human experience of war?
bulletHow does reading war literature contribute to our understanding of specific wars and of war more generally?
bulletWhat can war literature help us understand about conflicts between/among people, how to resolve conflicts, and otherwise how to solve problems?
bulletWhat does war literature help us understand about human psychology, including our own and others' abilities to feel empathy?
bulletWhat is an individual's obligation to others -- and to society?
bulletWhat impact does the world make on the individual? 
bulletBesides war, how else can an individual take action in the world?  How can an individual "serve others"?  What impact can an individual make on the world?
bulletHow can people use their literacies -- including the written word and digital media -- to impact the world?
bulletHow do digital literacies change, and affect, the way(s) we can create, send, and receive information?

Some 21st Century Skills We Will Exercise and Build

bulletcritical thinking and problem-solving
bulletcommunication and collaboration skills
bulletcreativity and innovation skills
bulletinformation, media and technology skills (including digital literacy)
bulletlife and career skills, including leadership skills
bulletsystems thinking


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