Graduates of Tenafly High School will be:

      Critical readers

      Effective communicators, writers and listeners

      Able to gather information for learning and research

      Able to apply technology to specific tasks

      Problem solvers

      Able to transfer knowledge and skills to new situations

      Aesthetically appreciative


      Self-managing and self-challenging

      Able to exercise appropriate judgment

      Able to make decisions with an understanding of their consequences and responsibilities

      Able to accept defeat with grace and victory with humility

      Honest and of sound moral character

      Physically fit

      Advocates of a healthy lifestyle

      Able to work within social, organizational and technological systems

      Environmentally aware

      Responsible citizens in their communities.

      Capable leaders and/or group members.

      Respectful of cultural diversity.




19 Columbus Drive * Tenafly, New Jersey  07670  *  201.816.6600