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An extensive athletic program enables all students to develop coordination, physical fitness, skills, sportsmanship, and team-work. Boys may compete in football, hockey, soccer, bowling, cross-country, basketball, indoor and outdoor track, wrestling, baseball, tennis, and golf. Girls may compete in tennis, soccer, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, indoor and outdoor track, bowling, softball, and golf. Students in all grades are eligible to try out for varsity teams, while those in ninth - eleventh grade may try out for Junior Varsity teams. Ninth graders who don't make a Junior Varsity or Varsity team can still play on a Freshman team. All students may participate in intramurals and try out for the cheerleading squad.

Interested students should consult the coach of the sport in which they are interested. Additional information is also available in the athletic office.

A physical examination by the student's doctor, a completed parental permission form, an examination by the school physician and payment of the school activity fee are required before a student can participate in sports. Application forms are available in the athletic office and on line). Students who plan to participate in a fall sport will have to have all forms completed well before the first day of practice which begin on the third Monday in August.

Student athletes at the Tenafly High School are expected to follow a Chemical Abuse Policy which is outlined in the Tiger Q handbook. The main purpose of this policy is preventative in nature. However we must be prepared to deal with those cases where athletes--by their choice--decide to disregard training guidelines.

Tenafly High School is a member of the Big North Conference.  In order to participate in interscholastic athletics, a student must satisfy the eligibility requirements of the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA).

To be eligible for the fall and winter sports programs:
A student starting in ninth grade is eligible, regardless of the eighth grade academic performance. All other students must have earned a minimum of 30 credits during the previous academic year. Credits earned during summer school may be counted towards these minimums.

To be eligible for the spring sports programs:
Students must have earned a minimum of 15 credits during the fall semester.

Transfer Students:
Any student Transferring to Tenafly High School, without a change of residence must file a Transfer Waiver form required by the NJSIAA. If there is any doubt about your status as a transfer student, check with the athletic office. Participation by transfer students is subject to NJSIAA regulations.

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