PGC Speaker Series History

March 2009

Mykee Fowlin: You Don't Know Me, Until You Know Me
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October 2008

Maurice Elias: What We Can Do To Ensure Students' Success in School and Life
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Zippy's Friends: Social & Emotional Learning in Tenafly's Kindergarten Classrooms
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March 2008

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: A Forum on Teens, Drinking and Drugs*
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February 2008

Rachel’s Challenge
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October 2007

Maureen Kanka: Keeping Our Children Safe*

May 2007

Chris and Toren Volkman: Binge To Blackout*

March 2007

Katie Janssen: What Is Beauty?

October 2006

Donna Fish: Food, Eating and Your Family

March 2006

Gary Howard: Cultural Competence

October 2005

Ron Taffel: The Tyranny of Cool

March 2005

Mikey Fowlin: You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me

November 2004

Judith Greenwald: Responsive Classroom

March 2004

Justin Richardson: Everything You Never Wanted Your Kids To Know About Sex

October 2003

Nancy Samalin: Loving Without Spoiling

May 2003

Ron Taffel: Getting Through To Your 21st Century Child

January 2003

Maurice Elias: Emotionally Intelligent Parenting

*Denotes Tenafly District program supported by PGC

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